Training program


Reliability Green Belt®

The Reliability Green Belt® comprises the first of three modules in the qualification as a Reliability Engineer. In this module, the most important qualitative and quantitative methods of reliability engineering are imparted. more about Reliability Green Belt

Reliability Black Belt®

The Reliability Black Belt® comprises the second module in the qualification as a Reliability Engineer. This module deals with specialization and contains various methods from the fields. more about Reliability Black Belt

Reliability Master Black Belt®

The Reliability Master Black Belt® is the highest level of the certified reliability engineer education program. The education is a Training-on-the-job program. more about Reliability Master Black Belt

Basic Training Reliability Engineering

This seminar provides an overview of the various work fields methodological approaches in the area of reliability engineering. more about this seminar

Reliability Data Analysis

The focus of this seminar is the shape and quality of data-dependent, application-oriented selection of appropriate evaluation methods. more about this seminar

Design of Experiments, DoE

This seminar provides both the methodological foundations of the design of experiments as well as the overall understanding of the planning and evaluation of statistically planned experiments. more about this seminar

Software Erosion Protection

The main cause of problems in the maintenance and evolution phases of software is the software erosion. This refers to the steady decline of the inner structure of a software system that always occurs without active countermeasures. more about this seminar

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